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ABOUT Wood Waste 2 Chip

Wood Waste 2 Chip

Stuart Macdonald Contracting Ltd, established in 2005, is a wood waste recycling company based in Winton. We recycle trees and wood waste into woodchip for wintering pads and calf sheds, including hog fuel for boilers.

Our strength lies in the combination of experience and skill in utilising the whole of the tree.

We do the whole job, from cutting trees down to ripping out stumps and then making woodchip and leaving your paddock ready for ground work and planting.

What can the woodchip be used for

Dairy Farmers in particular can use woodchip for their wintering pads, lanes and calf sheds
This is because woodchip is gentle on cow's feet and provides excellent drainage


Wood waste Recycling
Woodchip for :
Wood Waste 2 Chip
Wintering Pads
Wood Waste 2 Chip
Calf Sheds
Wood Waste 2 Chip
Wood Waste 2 Chip
Hog Fuel
Wood Waste 2 Chip
Transportation of Woodchip