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Wood Waste 2 Chip

Our Equipment / Machinery

We operate with one High- Capacity Chipper and two 21.5 tonne Diggers.

The Ripper, manufactured by Screening and Crushing Systems Ltd in Christchurch, is ideal for turning all forms of waste - from stumps and whole trees to green waste and even carpets - into manageable, reusable forms.

We process trees of any size along with stumps etc since this is a cost effective way to transform waste wood into a usable product. The biggest tree processed up to date was 3.8 m diameter across the trunk. Large trees and stumps are ripped to fit into the hopper which takes in logs up to 1.2m in diameter.

The secret to the Rippers success is its Vertical Shaft Cutter (VSC) - a rotating wheel of blades set in a cutting chamber, above a row of interchangeable horizontal and vertical screens. As waste is processed by the 350hp machine, items are filtered through the screens, enabling the operator to control the size of the final product.

With the Ripper being fully mobile, we can travel around Southland and Otago to clients' farms and set up on-site within 10 minutes. It is low-maintenance and cheaper to run than other similar machines used by some contractors.