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Wood Waste 2 Chip
Production of woodchip for dairy farmers:
All trees and logging slash can be turned into wood chip. Many dairy farmers use the woodchip themselves for their wintering pads and calf sheds. It produces a soft, carpet-like pad that is pleasant for cows to walk and sit on and provides good drainage. The top layer can be scraped off as the season progresses. Used woodchip/manure can then be composted to be spread and ploughed back into paddocks in the spring.
We cut down trees that have grown to become a hazard or a nuisance on your property. Macrocarpas, pines, etc can be safety hazards and there are times when their removal has been recommended by Work Safe NZ (formerly OSH). Unstable trees or over-hanging branches have been known to snap in adverse weather conditions and destroy sheds or kill animals that were sheltering below.
These woodchips are mainly bought by dairy farmers. The farmers use it in calf sheds and to make wintering pads for their cows.
  • Removal of stumps. Some people choose to bury them which is not recommended as this leads to rotting and over time the ground will slump.
  • Good logs can be salvaged and sold to Mills to recoup costs.
  • Large quantities of wood chip can be arranged for sale.
  • The transportation of wood chip can be arranged. We now have a 60m3 Chip Liner with a walking floor to carry wood chip. The Chip Liner can be reversed into Wintering Sheds without the need to raise a hoist. This saves considerable time, by placing the wood chip in the shed so that it only needs to be spread out by a tractor.